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Employment Background Checks

Checks criminal history at a national & county level, searches the terror watchlist, includes a SSN trace, Address/Names/DOB verification, and national sex offender search.

Employment History & Education Verification

Comprehensive employment history & education verification which verifies companies the candidate was employed by, schools attended and degrees earned.

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Employment Verification Services

We offer various employment verification services to meet your needs.

Employment Verification Check
Our skilled employment verifiers will contact current and past employers to verify dates of employment, tasks performed and job titles.
Education Verification
Our education verifiers will check schools listed and dates attended to make sure they match as well as degrees or certifications earned.
Professional License Verification
Verifies credential title, issue date, expiration date, and current status. We charge per single Professional License Verification you would like to check.
Professional Reference Check
We will conduct an interview with a professional reference provided by the candidate. A full report of the interview will be made available to you. Price is per unique reference.
SSN Trace & Address History
We verify candidates Social Security Number with their name, any aliases, birth date, and comprehensive address history.
National Criminal Records
We perform a deep search across court records for arrests, warrants, probation, inmates, and, parolees giving you a detailed view of any problematic criminal history.
County & Statewide Criminal Search
This performs a much more detailed & accurate search for criminal records across all available counties in the US rather than just the candidates current county.
Terror Watch List Search
Searches and reports back high risk individuals that have been reported to Federal and International agencies or added to terrorist watch lists.
Sex Offender Registry Search
Searches the sex offender registries for all 50 states, The District of Columbia and U.S. Territories.
Drug Screening (5-panel)
A urine test that screens candidates for Marijuana, Amphetamines, Phencyclidine, Cocaine and Opiates.

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Employment History
Employment History Check

Our employment history checkers perform a complete employment history check based on how many jobs you would like to verify per candidate.

Education Verification
Education Verification Check

We verify education institutes the employee attended, dates attended and degrees earned based on how many schools you would like to verify.

Employee Background Check
Employment Background Check

Nationwide & county criminal history search, SSN trace, Address/Names/DOB verification, terror watch list and sex offender search.

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