Decoding the Facebook Page “Talking About This” Metric (And Why You Should Care)

If you’ve already created a Perfect Facebook Business Page, you’ve most likely noticed the “Talking About This” metric located in the Insights Summary box to the right of your Page’s news feed.

Facebook Page Talking About This

And while the number of new likes is pretty self-explanatory, there is a lot of confusion on exactly what data the “Talking About This” number is generated from. Let’s take a look at what Facebook tells us.

What Exactly is the Facebook Page “Talking About This” Metric?

Officially, the Facebook “talking about this” count includes engagement in these areas:

  • Users posting to your wall
  • Users “liking” something on your page
  • Users sharing a post you make to your wall
  • Users answering questions
  • Users who mention your page on their wall
  • Users who “like” or share a deal
  • Users checking into your place
  • Users commenting on your wall posts & media

Did you get all of that? I know – it’s a lot! And while it may seem overwhelming, it’s important for you to keep track of on a regular basis.

Why You Should Care

In a nutshell, this metric is the number of unique users that have engaged or interacted with your page in the past week in some form or another.

The higher this number is the better, because that means people are engaging with your content, wall posts, pictures, etc. And of course, more engagement means more opportunity for you to meet your social media goals.

If your “Talking About This” count is too low, that is an indication that your fans are not very engaged with your page or content.

This can turn into an ugly cycle pretty fast – here’s how:

  • You are not posting content that motivates your fans to like, comment or share…
  • This leads to your Facebook Page “Talking About This” number to drop…
  • Facebook sees this and assumes that your Page is not relevant enough to use as content in users’ news feeds…
  • Because of this, your fans see even less of your content than before…
  • This leads to your Facebook Page “Talking About This” number to drop even more…
  • And the ugly cycle continues…

This is just one of the many reasons why it is so important to post great content that makes your fans what to share or take action in some way.

What are you doing to get fans “talking about” your page?

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