Who doesn’t like free stuff? Seize the attention of your customer base by throwing a giveaway promotion. With Amazly’s Giveaway tool, you can easily create a page from which to run your promotion. The service is intuitive, quick, and free! In case you run into trouble while setting up your giveaway, here’s a comprehensive guide to the nuances of our tool. To get started, head to your Amazly homepage and click the “Create Giveaway” button.

First: Create your Giveaway


1. Giveaway Title

A step that is often overlooked as trivial, having a gripping, unobtrusive title is an important part of your promotion’s success. Try to avoid using cliched “clickbait” titles, instead focusing on your company and giveaway.

2. Giveaway Description

This section is for clarifying the whats and whys of your promo, as well as to include any other information you find pertinent. Don’t feel like you have to fit everything you have to say in here – there will be more opportunities to include text later.

3. Terms & Conditions

Giveaways are governed differently depending on your locale. It is up to you to abide by your local, state and federal sweepstakes laws. We have provided a generally applicable sample T&C (accessible by clicking the hyperlink). If it is appropriate for your local laws, you may copy and paste these terms and replace any generalities (i.e. “the company”) with the pertinent specifics of your situation.

4. Upload Image

While not mandatory, uploading a relevant image is a good idea. It grounds your promotion in the real world and adds another visual stimulus to your page. You will have the option to include additional photos on your page later, but this is the central image for your promotion.

5. Add Downloadable Material

If your giveaway material is computer-based (an eBook, PDF, etc.), you can use this section to upload whatever your prize may be.  If you are working solely in physical goods, you may select “No download material” option.

6. Giveaway Timeframe

This section allows you to set the time slot your sweepstakes will take place during. Clicking either the start or end time will bring up an easy-to-navigate calendar, with which you can set the date and hour of the start/end. The remaining time in the promotion will display on your main promo page.

7. Entry Form Submit Button

Here, you can alter the text that appears on your giveaway’s submit button.

8. Social Network Requirements

In order to further propagate your promo, you may want to require participants to share your giveaway in order to enter it. If you would like to do so, this is the section where you can set those parameters. You can choose what social networks are required, as well as if the participant needs to share on all of them (require all) or only one or more (require any). Participants will be prompted to share your giveaway before they can access their prize. Once you’re satisfied with the core information of your sweepstakes, go ahead and hit the “Next Step” button. Don’t worry if you’re not confident in your core information yet – you can come back and edit this part at any time.

Then: Customize Your Design

This being an online promotion, presentation is very important. The next page will allow you to hone in on the nuances of your design, from page composition to social media integration, without requiring any familiarity with coding or design. It’s a little more in depth than the last page, so let’s see what we can do.

Top of the Page – Aesthetics


Colors and Font

The bar at the top of the page contains several options, including the option to preview your page so far and to go back and edit the basic information. More interesting is the Change Colors & Font option. Clicking this will open another window (pictured in the box) which allows you to modify the background color/pattern and font of the page. Use our pre-loaded options or upload your own to make your promo page dazzling.

Header Image

Below the top option bar is an area where you can add an image to the top of your page. Choose something vibrant and eye-catching, but not too distracting. Images that are 1000px wide look the best in this slot, and will bring together the composition of your page.

Bottom of the Page – Modules


Additional Sections

Beneath your coupon you will find a section of the page filled with several blocks. Each of these blocks can be clicked on to add an additional module to the bottom of your page. You can use as many or as few of these as you’d like.

Clicking on one of the blocks will open the window pictured above (in the box), allowing you to choose from one of a few options:

– Text Block

– Image

– Slideshow/Photo Gallery

– YouTube Video

– Facebook Comment Box

Finishing up

Not a graphic designer? No problem! Many sections have a tip from our own elite design staff. As you go, feel free to use the preview button as often as you want to see how your promo page is coming along. Once you feel satisfied with your design, click the “Publish” button to create your page.

With that, you’ve created your very own sweepstakes – it seems almost criminally easy. You can now access your promo page from the Amazly homepage by clicking “Saved (#)” underneath the Sweepstakes tool. You can access finished an unfinished promos from this page. Once you’re totally satisfied with your own design, get promoting!

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