The Perfect Facebook Business Page 2-Ingredient Recipe

Facebook Page IngredientsBy now, you must have you seen those uber-simple recipes blazing a trail across the internet. You know the ones: “Grandma’s Apple Pie in 5 Ingredients” or “3-Ingredient Mug Brownies”, etc.

Awesome right?

In this world of busy, simplicity like this makes us swoon.

And while I love a delicious 2-ingredient recipe as much as the next lazy person guy, today is not about cake or pie or pretty Pinterest recipes.

It’s about something much more important for your business: Your Facebook Business Page.

And make no mistake about it: there is a big difference between a Facebook Business Page and a successful Facebook Business Page.

Making a successful Facebook Business Page doesn’t have to be complicated or elusive; in fact, it can be downright simple.

And by “simple”, I mean 2-ingredient kind of simple.

So, if your head is spinning from all of the 12-step programs and book-length manifestos about how to make the perfect Facebook Page, then this recipe is just the remedy you need.

The Perfect Facebook Business Page 2-Ingredient Recipe

While it’s true that a perfect Facebook Business Page only has 2 ingredients, each one is critical. It’s important to understand each one fully and incorporate them properly to ensure you bake up a perfect page. Follow these instructions step-by-step (don’t skip steps!) and you can’t go wrong.

Ingredient #1: The Perfect Setup

When done properly, this first ingredient sets a solid foundation for your brand’s information and image. Everything you do going forward will be built upon this, so it’s important to get it right from the start.

Create Your Page

Visit and choose the category box that best fits the page type you’re creating. By clicking on each box, info fields appear that are relevant to that classification, and which also help you choose which category is best for your page.

Facebook Setup - Choose Classification

Fill It Out The Right Way

The Facebook page creation wizard walks you through setting up your page, but there are a few pro tips you don’t want to overlook.

Facebook Page Setup: About Info

Pro Tip #1: In the first description box (pictured above), be sure to use relevant key words and phrases to improve the ranking of your Page in search.

Pro Tip #2: Place a clickable link to your website at the beginning of your description by typing your url with the http:// in front.

Pro Tip#3: When selecting your Facebook Page username/web address, keep in mind that you can only change it once, so make sure it represents your page in a useful way. Visit if the option isn’t presented during the setup process.


Profile Picture & Cover Photo

Facebook Image Dimensions

Getting the Profile Picture and Cover Photo right is so important, since this is often the first impression people have of your presence on Facebook. Your Profile Picture also leaves your brand fingerprint all over Facebook with every comment and post you make. It should be simple, bold and easy to recognize.

Profile Picture Tip: Upload a 180x180px JPG image. Displays at 160×160 pixels on your Page on computers, 140×140 pixels on smartphones and 50×50 pixels on most feature phones.

Cover Photo Tip: Upload a 851x315px JPG image. Displays at 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall on your Page on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones.

Pro Tip: Choose something striking, something that will evoke an emotion that people can relate to your brand. Why? The late Maya Angelou said it best: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” If you can impress excitement, hope, empathy, desire or motivation with your cover photo, you’ve succeeded. Test different cover images to see what performs best.

Launch Your Facebook Page

At the end of Facebook’s setup wizard, they will prompt you to “Reach More People” by inviting your friends, running ads, and sending an email blast to your list.


You haven’t created any compelling content on the Page yet that would give visitors any reason to “Like” your page. If you invite people or run ads at this point, it could do more harm than good.

For now, go ahead and publish your perfectly set up Facebook Page. Congrats on successfully incorporating ingredient #1!

It’s time for the second and final ingredient.

Ingredient #2: The Perfect Strategy

The Perfect Setup of your Facebook Business Page lays an essential foundation, but defining a strategy for achieving your goals on Facebook is the key ingredient to making it thrive.

This final ingredient is going to make the difference between a lifeless Facebook Business Page and one that thrives and soars and sings (read: earns you more leads and sales).

Start with the Amazly No-Fail Social Media Strategy Checklist in hand, then follow these 3 basic strategy guidelines:

  • Set Defined Goals & Write Them Down: Decide from the get-go what you expect to gain from your time on Facebook (customer engagement, website clicks, leads, sales, etc.). Every single time you post to your Facebook Page, refer to your goal list and make sure your post is something that will help you reach at least one of your goals. This policy will guide you when you’re wondering, “What should I post?”, as well as set boundaries on the time you spend there (remember, time = $$).
  • Run Social Promotions: Case study after case study shows that brands that run social promotions such as contests, giveaways and quizzes attract more engagement and leads. When it comes down to it, people primarily use Facebook for fun & leisure, so running promotions on your Facebook Business Page is a great way to get fans (and potential leads) to interact with you in a way they’re already comfortable with. This tactic alone has huge potential to ramp up your Facebook success, and something many Pages put on the back-burner. Don’t be one of them.
  • Always Provide Value: You’ve likely heard this mantra a gazillion times, but it bears repeating with emphasis. Here’s why: Your audience is not on Facebook for you. Even if they “like” you, they are not hanging out on Facebook for you. They are there for themselves. Interacting with their family & friends, posting pictures of their lives, sharing funny or inspiring memes (so they can be funny or inspiring), and perhaps perusing an interesting article (that benefits their life). If your Page’s posts are adding value to their lives (whether personal or business), then you will have much more success.

And that’s the Perfect Facebook Page 2-Ingredient Recipe!

Of course, there are intricacies involved as far as what your cover photo and profile image should look like, what types of content you should post, how often you should post, how to convert social media traffic to leads, and much more. But we’ll save that for another post (one recipe at a time, friends).

For now, have confidence knowing that you are armed with a recipe for Facebook success. Will you follow it?

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Perfect Facebook Page Recipe

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