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The best promotional tools to fuel your list, your fans, and your business.

Run Giveaways

Everybody loves free stuff. That’s why giveaways are one of the best tools for growing your list – hands down!

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to capture new leads and boost traffic to your website with the Amazly Giveaway App. Giveaways are simple to create, stunningly responsive and can be embedded on Facebook or your website with ease.

Great for giving away digital goods, ebooks, early access, or anything else you can think up! Best for when you want to giveaway something to everyone who enters OR if you want to choose who to give away the prize to.

Run Sweepstakes

People love the build up and excitement of being the possible random winner of a sweepstakes. Entrants will be more willing to share your sweepstakes knowing their chances of winning increase each time a new person enters the sweepstakes from their share url! This helps you grow your list even bigger.

Where Giveaways (above) can be setup to give something to every entry or to the entries you manually choose, Sweepstakes are reserved for something truly special that will be awarded to one lucky random winner from among the entries. Compare the difference here >>

Offer Coupons & Deals

You know what else everyone is looking for besides free stuff? A deal. There are entire industries built around offering coupons and deals, so you better believe it’s a super effective way to fuel your list!

With the Amazly Deals Template, you can easily create a special offer, discount or coupon to thank your visitors or new subscribers. Create custom coupon codes and encourage email subscribers by requiring an email address in order to print or redeem a coupon.

Entrants are automatically emailed the coupon and their lead data is stored for you to fuel your sales funnel!

Promote Products & Services

Have products or services to promote? For example: books, physical products or professional services.

The Amazly Products Promote Template equips you with powerful tools to make your product and services really stand out. By showcasing the right information with amazing call to actions and making the process easy, you can get in front of your customers and impress them today.

With our quick-use wizard, promoting products and services is a snap and you can easily embedded them anywhere with no technical know-how needed!

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